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In our shop, we tackle a variety of custom sewing solutions to suit to your needs. This includes a range of products, such as: sunshades and awnings, upholstery repair, protective covers, outdoor gear and repairs, soft cases, carry bags, and more. Anything that has specific mesurements or a specialized function – we can do the job! 

patio awning


Use your patio year round; protect your eyes from the sun and outdoor furniture from rain.


Seal off buildings during wetter, cooler months to protect animals or equipment.

Protective Covers

Highly versatile, our covers can shelter just about anything from the storm.

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*All orders will be filled to the specifications of the order sheet, if the sheet is incomplete we will be unable to process your order. Any changes made after an order has been placed will incur additional charges for the time required to amend the change at an hourly rate of $50/hr plus material costs*

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