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We craft rugged, built-to-last products, sewn to withstand the Earth’s elements. 

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Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California, Beowulf Industrial Sewing was founded in 2017. As a small team of professionals who love the outdoors, we deeply value true craftsmanship. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with strong, durable products –engineering hand-sewn solutons for whatever life throws your way.

Our Mission

Beowulf Yurt Covers and unique, custom pieces are all designed to hold up against the elements and fit your lifestyle. We handle contract production, repairs, retro-fits and anything else we can run through our machines.


In scorching sun, harsh winter, or just rugged daily use, our products hold up for the long haul. We source our materials meticulously, and develop precise and thorough designs. Each piece we work on is carefully crafted, from start to finish. We give our full attention to the process, giving you a solid and reliable final product to last for years to come.


Beowulf’s team is comprised of skilled, local professionals. With a wide diversity of experience, techniques, and knowledge, we work together to deliver comprehensive services to our customers.


Our focus is creating exactly what you’re looking for, down to the last detail. Beowulf’s yurt covers are easy to modify and tailor to your specific situation. We also do precise, specialized jobs, including: sunshades and awnings, upholstery repair, protective covers, outdoor gear and repairs, soft cases, carry bags, and more.

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corner stitching
zipper stitching

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