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Our focus is on our customers, from the first sketch to the last stitch. We build tough, attractive, and weather-resistant pieces, from yurt covers to patio awnings. You can count on Beowulf for quality, custom industrial sewing that will endure come rain or shine.


Yurt Covers

Home is where the yurt is. Enjoy exotic weekend getaways in the backyard, create comfortable spaces for hosting guests, or reap the benefits of alternative housing.

yurt at sunset


Our yurt covers are made with you in mind, and are easily customized to suit your needs. We offer high-quality, tough fabrics to withstand weather and the test of time, as well as a host of other comforts like insulation, rain diverters, and ring screens.

Sewn in House

We complete all our orders with the help of talented and experienced local professionals.

Attention to Detail

No matter how large a project may be, we know tiny threads bring it all together.

Quality Materials

We source all of our textiles and sewing supplies with care and attention.

dark yurt with yellow roof

“Hang it up and admire it, or drag it through the mud.”

We’re proud of our work, but the reality is it’s made to get dirty. Whatever you do, you can trust it will last.

Design & Repair

Custom Projects

If it’s outside, we can cover it.

sandbox cover
greenhouse shed
patio awning

Need something durable?

Let’s Build It

Custom work

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Yurt Covers

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We Believe in Quality

When the job is done right, you won’t need to run out buying replacements year after year. We believe sourcing top-notch materials and hiring local talent is worth the effort, and it benefits everyone in the end. When it comes to industrial sewing – a well-made, customized solution makes all the difference, and outlasts the competition.